And we’re off!

Freear Philip have arrived and the demo is starting 🙂

The gate is being moved from being attached to the classroom to being attached to the hall so that we have access to the back of this space during the construction phase of the rooms.

They will be on site all of this week clearing the spaces ready for the rebuild.


We did it!!!!!

After an epic day of moving, throwing things away and pulling our hair out we moved Rūma Tahi and Rua (and The Bit!) into the hall. I am so impressed with all of our helpers today – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

When the students arrived in to their learning space they were blown away!

“Wow! It feels like my home in here!”

“I really like the view!”

“It is so comfy in here!”

“I can make snow angels on the carpet!”

And I just realised how many exclamation marks I used….But I think this post deserves them 🙂

The plans are (almost) in place!

This Friday (April 12th) will see our Junior Pod moving into the hall. We have our amazing senior teachers looking after the students while the senior students help us out with the move.

The carpet has been sourced (thanks Morgan!) and I am pretty sure the office dividers are ready to be collected – these will really help with any possible noise issues we may have in there.

Thats means that the builders will be arriving soon! I hope to have more of an update about this on the first day of the school holidays. Watch this space 🙂

What do the students think so far?

We have been working with the Junior Pod students to see what they think about the ideas we have for the refurbishment of the classrooms. We took them over the Rūma Wha and Rima for a hui and had them explore the space for while, then we asked them a couple of questions:

Do you like these classrooms? To which 92% of the students said yes (45 out of the 49 students surveyed)

Is the classroom comfortable? To which 90% of the students responded with yes. 10% of the pod said no to this question.

What is interesting to note was that these were not the same group that that said no to the first question. Suggesting that they were listening and thinking about the questions being asked.

Where are we placing the students?

We will be moving the Rūma Tahi and Rūma Rua students into the hall for the duration of this building project.

Our plan is to situate the Junior Pod in one space, using the same teaching and learning strategies that they are used to now, so that we cause the smallest amount of disruption for the students (and teachers!)

Can YOU help us out? I would really like to put some large mats and carpet down in the hall. Do you have access to any that we could use? Email me if you do.

This will have a flow on effect of course. Community groups who are booked into the hall, including Before School Care and the YMCA will be moved out and our assemblies will need to be thought through.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I am really excited to be sharing the blog with you, and the journey we are on with our renovation work for Rūma Tahi and Rua.  I am excited because the work, once completed, will allow our students the opportunity to work and learn in a comfortable, up-to-date learning environment that is purpose built to meet the teaching and learning needs of students in 2019 and beyond.

These new spaces will allow us the flexible use of the space and provide a warm, quiet environment for students to learn in.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions above and use the Contact link to send me an email if you have questions.