And…we are in!

Thank you for your support with our building project. In particular, the kind words and understanding you showed really helped!

We moved into the classrooms on Monday and on Tuesday it was as if we’d never left 🙂 The children were happy to be in their new rooms and when I walked through the space it was as if they’d always been there. This is testament to the fantastic teachers and support team in the Junior Pod – THANK YOU for being so great!

If you haven’t had the chance to poke your head into the rooms, then please do! We are really proud of them.

We are moving in soon!

We will be moving into the new spaces on Monday (July 29th) after the final touches and paper have been completed. The Juniors will come to school as normal on Monday and then spend the day, after the roll has been taken, with the senior students and teachers while the Junior team teachers (and the movers) organise the classrooms. We hope to have them ready before the end of the day so that the students can end their day in the new rooms.
Thank you for your patience with our building work! I think the rooms look great and it has been worth the wait.

Look what I got!

I have the keys! This is so exciting 🙂 We have a couple of hoops to jump through before we move in (we have to check for defects and have them fixed and wait for the Wellington City Council certificates to come through before we can move the students in) but the building is FINISHED!

Come in next week and have a look around – before we fill it with furniture, resources and students 🙂


Hi everyone, the suspended ceilings are starting to be installed along with the pine edges around the room.

It is great to see so much progress being made with the buildings and the construction team at Freear Philip are really doing their best to be finished as soon as possible.