The insulation is here.

The Pink Bats arrived on Friday! It’s a small thing but any progress is a good thing:)

I have been talking to the Junior Pod about adding a small Time Capsule to the walls before they are sealed up in the next week or so and they are working on this over the next few days.

A good little update :)

Hi everyone, I was talking to the building team today and they have updated me on the progress to our rooms. The roofing will be replaced over the next two weeks and the internal framing is about 80% complete.

The external ramp by the sandpit will be dug out a little bit more and the ramp framed up as well.

Some of the bigger items are also underway. The measurement of the aluminium windows and doors has been done and that has been sent away for manufacturing.

The roofing work begins!

It’s a lovely sunny day and the roofing supplies have arrived! I’m very excited to see this is underway. The team did a great job of maneuvering the truck around some tight corners, but they got there in the end. I understand that they will be replacing the roof in sections to maintain weather tightness of the building. Things you learn from the experts, eh?!